Why Computer Programming?

Make a positive impact on the world. As a computer programmer, you can build programs that solve problems and reflect your unique background and experiences.

Benifits of computer programming

From sports to fashion to music, computer programs are becoming a larger part of our lives. Explore some of the benefits of working as a computer programmer.

More benefits of programming: High pay compared to other careers

The average salary for programmers is $80,000/year* which is more than many other jobs.

Start earning right away

The average starting salary for computer science majors is $62,000/year.

Source: NACE / Sentier Research

Years of school

Programmers can begin working right out of college, while other professions often require more time and money to get started.

source: medical school - aamc / law school - forbes

Explore programming jobs

Learn more about computer programming jobs by meeting some people who use computer programming to support their careers.

Meet Michael

Learn about Michael, a software engineer from Miami, Florida and his journey to programming.

Get started

Find personalized coding tools and resources

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