State Universal Basic Education Board – Edo, Nigeria

The State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) in Edo, Nigeria used Workplace from Facebook to improve online teacher training and better connect educators in four pilot schools.




Connecting teachers through Workplace and Express Wi-Fi

The State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) in Edo, Nigeria used Workplace from Facebook to improve online teacher training and better connect educators in four pilot schools. It saw such strong results that it’s expanding the program into 100 schools in 2020 with the help of Express Wi-Fi.

Their Story

Supporting its state and educators

The SUBEB is on a mission to help give educators in Edo, Nigeria the resources they need to be the best educators for the next generation. As one of Nigeria’s fastest-growing states, Edo has more than 1,000 public primary schools with 350K primary students and over 12K primary educators.

Their Goal

Connecting Edo’s educators

The SUBEB needed a way to more easily connect with and train its educators. With educators in all parts of the state, with varying access to resources, it needed a central place where it could share important learnings, information, and updates. It also wanted a place where teachers could easily collaborate with their peers.

“Every day, I go to Workplace and search for information. When I come across the information, I tend to comment and learn from it. Depending on the information, I either share it with fellow teachers in my school or use it in the classroom. I have really found the information shared regularly on there to be both educative and interesting.”

Vincent Onoiribholo, Head Teacher at Eguare Primary School

Their Solution

Testing Workplace

Teaming up with Workplace, SUBEB implemented the program across SUBEB statewide leadership with a focus on four of its schools to see how it would affect and help its educators. Across the four schools, each immediately noticed how easy it was to connect on the platform.

“The impact of Workplace is so glaring. Before the introduction of the platform, there was no means to communicate with the management. There was also no means to get vital information that can improve teaching skills in the classroom. With Workplace, I can easily share views as well as challenges to the management."

Nwaokoro Anumuten, Teacher at Odion Primary School.

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In addition to connecting with management, teachers started using Workplace to connect and learn from each other. At the Government Model Primary School GRA, Head Teacher, Edith Osagiede, noticed that some of the teachers had trouble pronouncing words. So, Edith started a group on Workplace called, Sharing Innovative Ideas where she shares tips on phonics. As a teacher, I believe that information is power and I welcome this new platform promoting communication, collaboration and learning amongst teachers. I discovered its ease in getting information directly from my superiors at work,” said Edith.

At the Family Support Primary School, classroom teacher, Esohe Grace, uses Workplace to learn and teach her students.

“I learned how to do basic long division in simple steps shared on the EdoSUBEB Learns Workplace group. I wrote down these steps on the board with an example, then I showed my students how to solve long division questions following the steps. I then gave them a similar one to solve, and they were able to solve it correctly,” said Esohe. “I got positive feedback and results.”

Their Success

Teaching the rest of Edo

The teachers at the four pilot schools used personal data on their mobile phones to access Workplace. With the demand for increased data among more schools in Edo, Facebook partnered with MainOne and Tizeti to install Express Wi-Fi in four schools— allowing more people to connect to broadband internet instead of using their personal data.

Seeing such strong collaboration and success among teachers using Workplace during the pilot program, SUBEB is expanding in 2020. In addition to the four pilot schools, SUBEB is adding Express Wi-Fi to 100 of its schools reaching, and launching Workplace to 8K additional educators this year alone.


Teachers supported and connected


Schools scheduled for Express Wi-Fi expansion


Better training for educators


Easy communication between educators and management