Department of Education – Gujarat, India

With the goal of improving educational outcomes in the state of Gujarat, India, the Department of Education onboarded 115K+ teachers onto Workplace to give them the training and support they need to become better educators—saving teachers throughout the state an estimated 3.2M working hours.




Uniting teachers of Gujarat with Workplace from Facebook

With the goal of improving educational outcomes in the state of Gujarat, India, the Department of Education onboarded 115K+ teachers onto Workplace to give them the training and support they need to become better educators—saving teachers throughout the state an estimated 3.2M working hours.

Their Story

Putting emphasis on education

Gujarat sits in the western part of India and is home to the longest sea line, biggest desert, largest mountain range, and some of the most developed cities. The diversity of its landscape is reflected in its 60-million inhabitants through their customs, social manners and even the way they learn. But the importance of education, especially to the Department of Education in Gujarat, is consistent throughout the state.

Their Goal

Teaching 10M children

On a mission to help 10 million children complete their schooling, the Principal Secretary of Education in Gujarat wanted to improve digital instruction. With 240K teachers in Gujarat who lacked school-assigned email addresses, the government needed a way to effectively train and monitor the progress of its digital instruction throughout the state.

“Workplace is making our teachers tech-savvy. Our classrooms are becoming smart classroom and we hope teachers across the globe will notice hard work, talent and new teaching techniques of our teachers.”

Kandarp Bhai Joshi, Employee at the Command and Control Center for Workplace in Gandhinagar

Their Solution

Onboarding 100K+ teachers

Teaming up with Facebook for Education and Workplace, Gujarat launched the largest email-less deployment of Workplace in the world. In its first four months, the government of Gujarat onboarded over 100,000 teachers into the program. From the start, the educators like, Gopal Jadhav from Gir Gadhda, saw its impact, “Workplace is a wonderful initiative by the Gujarat government. Teachers share their school activity here instead of being limited to the classrooms. Teachers can put their innovations on Workplace to help other teachers.”

Saving time

One of the main benefits of the program was the amount of time educators saved by participating in training online instead of having to go in person. “Now we don’t need to travel 27–30 KM. We’re able to take training at our chosen time and implement the learned methods in our schools,” said Navin from Chapat Primary School. Another educator, Sanjaykkumar from the Teacher School on Wheels, commented, “To participate in training was the biggest problem. Especially for teachers from the desert area like me. But now, we have access to these videos via Workplace.”

Getting answers

faster In addition to saving teachers time, Workplace is bridging the gap between teachers and senior officers. “Because of Workplace, I now receive all important information on time. I can easily raise my questions and concerns. This platform allows me to be in touch with senior officers and teachers across the state,” said Geetaben Ashwinbhai Jagya from the Pragya Primary School.

It’s also helping teachers get more immediate answers to their questions faster than before. “The most important thing is that when you are listening to someone, you cannot find immediate solutions to the questions in your mind at that time. Here in Workplace there’s the comment section where we can directly raise our concerns. And all those questions reaches directly to that person who is talking,” said Rakesh Navanadisar.

“Now teachers can save time training online. They can easily watch training videos at their convenience.”

Somnabeen Jesingbhai Barad, Shri Sonpara Primary Girls School

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Teaching each other

Teachers in Gujarat are not only learning from senior officers, but teaching and learning from each other too. “I share all my activities on Workplace. And to my surprise, other teachers appreciate them and implement them in their respective schools. This platform gives me an opportunity to showcase my talent, innovations and efforts,” says Jyotiben Bapuji Bhai Patel from the Barda Primary School.

Overcoming language barriers

Since the Gujarat government runs schools in different languages, Workplace makes it seamless for educators to communicate with each other in their native tongues. “These schools teach languages such as Urdu, Gujarati, Marathi, Hindi, English, Telagu, etc. The best part of Workplace is its language option. No matter what language you speak, you can choose your own language. You can post, comment and discuss with other teachers in your language,” says Mohammad Anwar Ansari, an employee at the Command and Control Center for Workplace in Gandhinagar.

Building confidence in students

Many of the teachers in Gujarat have started posting the work their students are doing. That way, teachers and students in other areas can see what their peers are up to. Not only do the students learn from each other, but it encourages them in their own education. “Since we started sharing the achievements on Workplace, we’ve noticed the increase of confidence in the students. Now they participate in the other school’s activities with great enthusiasm,” said Navin from the Chapat Primary School.

Their Success

Making more time for education

Teachers using Workplace in Gujarat can now focus on what they do best—teach the next generation. The Principal Secretary of Education for the State of Gujarat, Dr. Vinod Rao commented, “ Workplace from Facebook has been transformative in empowering our community of 1 lakh teachers to share innovative teaching techniques with one another and we have built a twoway communication channel with our Department. We’ve increased trust, accountability and collaboration as a result.”

“Now, one of my students participates in all the science projects. He made a robot and we uploaded his video on Workplace. After that, teachers and students across the state got to know about him and his talent."

Manisha Bapodra, Teacher from Borij School


Teachers using Workplace


Estimated working hours saved (1)


Workplace Live views per broadcast (2)


Largest Workplace deployment in the world

  1. This is based on the fact that 1 hour worth of instruction per week is now done on Workplace, which was previously done in person. This is the number of hours in 7 months since Workplace has been Live X number of teachers.
  2. This is the number of views that the Workplace Live done by the Principal Secretary of Education typically gets on the platform