Explore tools and programs to help educators ensure that young minds get off to the best possible start.

Supporting the next generation of diverse computer scientists and technologists.

Our computer science programs help support learners throughout their tech journey, providing them with resources from awareness to skill mastery.

Inspiring young learners.

Code Forward is an online program for 4th-8th grade educators and organizations that uses videos and interactive activities to inspire interest in computer science and tech.

Empowering educators, parents and students with computer programming resources.

Tech Prep is an educational resource hub that helps learners discover and build computer programming skills through interactive tools and career guides.

Promoting digital citizenship and wellbeing.

Get lesson plans, conversation starters, activities, videos and other resources to help young people become empowered in a digital world.


"I use Facebook to share digital citizenship resources and model good online behavior."

Leslie Fagin

Inspiring an interest in engineering.

Engineer for the Week introduces learners to the power of STEM and provides a pathway for them to create real impact in their communities.


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